Healthier Goals Programme

Are you at risk from Type 2 Diabetes?

If you are black or South Asian and over 25, you’re more at risk of developing this potentially serious condition, which can lead to long-term health problems if left untreated.

That’s why it’s really important that you find out if you are at risk!

At the Women’s Activity Centre, we’re delivering the Healthy Goals Diabetes Prevention Programme in partnership with Leicester Diabetes Centre and West Yorkshire and Harrogate Care Partnership. The programme is for people in Calderdale who at risk from Type 2 Diabetes.

How Do I Know If I’m At Risk of Diabetes?

We can help assess if you are in danger of developing diabetes using “Risk Calculator” developed specifically for people from South Asian descent. If the Risk Calculator indicates that you need to take action, we are here to help you. We can offer you a programme called Healthy Goals to help reduce your risk. 

Using the Risk Calculator

The Risk Tool asks you a series of questions and you get a score for each of you answers. The higher your score, the more at risk you are of developing Type 2 Diabetes.

This Risk Calculator enables you you quickly identify if you are at risk from Type 2 Diabetes. Simply tot up you scores as you go along and compare them to the risk bands.

The Diabetes Risk Calculator

49 or younger: 0
50-59: 5 points
60-69: 9 points
70 plus: 13 points           

Male: 1 point     
Female: 0 points                                            

White European: 0 points            
Other Ethnic Group: 6 points                     

Do You Have Relatives With Diabetes:
Yes: 5 points
No: 0 points                      

Waist Measurement:      
less than 90cm (35.5in): 0 points
90-99.9cm (35.5-39.3in) : 4 points
100-109.9cm (39.4-43.3in): 6 points        
110cm (43.4in) or above: 9 points            

BMI (Body Mass Index – Calculate here):     
Less than 25: 0 points
25-29.9: 3 points
30-34.9: 5 points
35 plus: 8 points

Do You Have High Blood Pressure:      
Yes: 5 points      
No: 0 points       

Risk Bands: What Do Your Risk Scores Mean?

Low: 0-6
Increased: 7-15
Moderate: 16-24
High: 25-47

Join our Healthy Goals Programme

If you are at “Increased Risk” or higher and want to tackle the problem, why not join our Healthy Goals Diabetes Prevention Programme. Please book your initial appointment on 01422 252447 and then come and meet the team at Women’s Activity Centre (WAC), Hope Mill, Hope Street, Halifax. HX1 5DW. Alternatively, fill in the form below and hit submit and we’ll contact you directly.

All information supplied will be stored securely and treated in the strictest confidence, in compliance with GDPR guidelines.

For more information about Diabetes, visit the Diabetes UK website